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Hi, my name is

Bridget  "Byrd"

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Hello!  My name is Bridget Chojnacki and my friends call me Byrd.  I have been happily married to my husband Jacob for the past fifteen years and we have four awesome children…three boys and one girl!  Elijah is 11, Ben is 10, Luke is 6, and Alice is 3! 


I have been a LuLaRoe consultant since August of 2016.  Valerie Kunin is my sponsor and has been a dear friend of mine for many years.  I saw how LuLaRoe brought out the very best in her and was inspired by her success, her passion, and her determination to help others to thrive through LuLaRoe.  I see LuLaRoe as an agent of change in my life, alllowing me to grow as a person, to gain financial freedom, and to serve and bless others. One main thing that drew me to LuLaRoe was the originality factor!  I used to shop at Thrift Stores and find things that no one else would ever be able to find.  I really didn’t care what size it was, I would pick fun and unique clothes that fit my personality.  LuLaRoe has won me over with the kind of clothes they make, the softness, the colors, the quality, and the “million bucks” factor (which is how when you find that piece that fits and flatters you and you feel like a million bucks!).  I love that each consultant has a unique inventory!  I also love how LuLaRoe has created a positive and upbuilding culture where consultants work together, support, and encourage each other. 


Our team is a great example of that!  LuLaRoe truly opens a door before you and allows you to see a horizon of opportunities!  I personally was compelled to walk through that door and am walking forward one step at a time, flourishing in my strengths and facing my weaknesses.  I love the chance to be in people’s lives, to encourage them and build them up, and share the simplicity and joy that comes from feeling confident and beautiful. I am also grateful and excited that LuLaRoe has given me the chance to own my own business as my parents are business owners and I have always looked up to them.  LuLaRoe is giving me the means to bless and nurture my family, making the most of the season of life we are in.  Above all, I want to honor God and let everything I do be a reflection of Him. 

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