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Team Sparkle Twirl & Flourish is a second family for me, and an incredible bunch of people to work, share, and giggle with on this journey of LuLaRoe!  We work hard and play hard - and love empowering women across the States and soon the world!  We work closely with Home Office to bring you the most updates information and training possible.  We have team members in ___ states, so finding someone accessible is not a problem, even with your sponsor located far away (mine is in CA, I'm in MD!).  We have local trainings often coined 'Super Saturdays' where you will be trained in basic skills of business, styling & fashion, as well as sales & team building.

When you join Team Sparkle Twirl & Flourish, you can schedule a 1-hr marketing appointment with our team of Marketers (??!?! don't know what you are called) who will help brand you uniquely & help create personalized marketing materials so you will be ready to GO and bring LuLaRoe to your friends & family & beyond with ease!!

Beginning a new business is a large undertaking - from understanding the fashion industry & styling - to sales strategies - to time management - to marketing & building relationships - and leadership!  Don't you worry, when you submit your application to join Team Sparkle Twirl & Flourish, you will have access to our proprietary 6-week training camp where we prepare you to get a head start on your business even before you place your initial order!  That way, when your boxes (and boxes, and boxes!!!) arrive - you'll know just what to do to bring the LuLaRoe love to your customers!

Your sponsor is just a text, message, pm, or phone call away!  As some of the top sellers in the company, we are here to support you & help you nurture & fuel your strengths.  As your Coach I do my utmost to help you find resources to grow your businesses as well as coach and inspire you, as LuLaRoe has inspired & encouraged me so incredibly much!  

Bridget "Byrd"

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My name is Bridget “Byrd” and even as a adult I still love hoodies, Vans, Converse, and 90’s punk music (all of which can be nicely accessorized with LuLaRoe).

Carol Nguyen

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Hey there! I'm Carol an art loving, dog mom learning to love color through LuLaRoe!

Kate Maxfield

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I'm Kate! I'm an unconventional mother to many and married to my best friend!



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Hi! I'm Pilar. Mom of 3, coffee enthusiast, sci-fi/fantasy nerd, owl collector and lover of all things fashion. 

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